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"You Have the Questions and We Have the Answers"
Google's Notification
Q... Is Google actually going to penalize websites that are not Mobile-Friendly?

A... Yes! Please click here to read the email notification that we received from Google.
Q... Will my company lose business if we don't have a Mobile-Friendly website?

A... Absolutely! Over 50% of individuals are searching the internet with their cell phones. If these visitors cannot find your website on the first page of search results, you will most definitely lose an undetermined amount of business.
Mobile Websites
Q... Will I need to revise my current website if I want to have a mobile website created?

A... No! We will simply design a separate mobile website that will remain on our server.
Q... How much will it cost to host my mobile website on your server?

A... No Charge! This is a free service that we provide to all of our clients.
Q... Will my mobile website include everything that I have on my current website?

A... It depends how large your current website is. Generally speaking... No! Mobile websites need to be short in length and right to the point. Your visitors will want to find out as much as possible in as short a period of time as possible. Quick and easy navigation is the key to the success of a mobile website!
Q... Can you install a shopping cart on my mobile website?

A... Unfortunately, we can not. Shopping carts require a tremendous amount of initial design time and ongoing maintenance. We simply cannot justify that amount of work for the modest service fee that we charge. We could easily link your mobile website to your current website which would allow your visitors to view all of your products and to utilize your shopping cart.
Q... How can I tell if the mobile website that you design is actually mobile-friendly?

A... We will provide you with the test results from Google when ranked mobile-friendly.
Q... Can I order a mobile website if my company doesn't have a website at the current time?

A... No! Every company that orders a mobile website from us must already have an existing website.
Q... How long will it take to design a mobile website for my company?

A... We try to have all mobile websites fully operational and approved by Google in 7 days or less.
Q... What do I have to do to make my current website redirect to the mobile website?

A... We will provide your website designer with the necessary code to insert into the Home page of your current website, which takes about 2 minutes. Your website will then automatically redirect your visitors to your mobile website when being accessed from a cell phone.
Designing a Mobile Website
Q... What type of information can you display on a mobile website?

A... Calling and texting options, various Information, maps, directions, email, photo galleries, discount offers plus anything else that will get the job done. Saying all that... we need to keep a mobile website as short as possible. In-depth information defeats the purpose of having a mobile website.
Q... Will a visitor on my mobile website know how to find our main website?

A... Many mobile websites incorporate links to the main website. This provides the visitors with the opportunity to take advantage of the information that is not contained on the mobile website. This is a very good idea when you have a shopping cart installed on your main website.
Q... Who makes all of the decisions as to the basic look and feel of the mobile website?

A... You do... unless you would prefer for us to do it all. The majority of our clients rely on our expertise.
Q... Can I use my logo that is on my current website?

A... Yes. If your logo cannot be saved from your current website, your website designer would simply email us your logo and any other artwork that you would like displayed on your mobile website.
Pricing and Payments
Q... How much does it cost to setup a mobile website?

A... Nothing! There are no setup fees, design fees or hidden charges.
Q... How do you make any money designing mobile websites?

A... We charge a modest service fee of only $25 per month which includes our hosting service.
Q... How long is your contract?

A... You will not sign a contract or lease agreement for our service. We have none!
Q... How long can I keep my mobile website?

A... You can keep your mobile website for as long as you want to.
Q... What are your payment options?

A... We have only one... ACH, which will be drawn on your business checking account each month.
Q... What time of the month are ACH payments withdrawn?

A... We process all ACH payments on the first day of every month.
Q... What do you charge if my check is returned by my bank for any reason, including insufficient funds?

A... Our charge for all returned payments is $30.
Q... How do you handle the collection of an insufficient funds check?

A... We will simply add $55 ($25 + $30) to your next ACH payment... which would amount to $85.
Q... How do you set up monthly ACH payments?

A... We would email you an ACH request form. You would simply fill out this form and then return it to our office. We will also need a "voided" check from your business account. You could either mail us your check or simply send us an email from your cell phone with a picture of your check attached. If taking a photo, please make sure that both the routing number and the account number can be easily read.
Our Guarantee
Q... What does your guarantee include?

A... We pride ourselves with providing our clients with the following:
  • There are "NO" setup fees
  • There are "NO" design fees
  • There are "NO" hidden charges
  • You can keep your mobile website for as long as you want
  • Your website will be rated "Mobile-Friendly" by Google
  • We will provide you with Google's test results
Placing an Order
Q... When should I place my order for a mobile website?

A... When you realize that you will lose an unknown number of new customers and all of the revenue that would have been generated by not having a mobile website. Better safe than sorry!
Q... What type of information should I provide when I complete the Order Form?

A... We can do a better job designing your mobile website when you provide us with detailed information. Please feel free to make any suggestions that you think would help us to design an outstanding mobile website for your company.
Q... What is the next step after you receive my order?

A... We will call you to discuss the creation of your mobile website after we have had an opportunity to review your order and after we have thoroughly reviewed the content on your current website.
An Outstanding Company Without a Mobile-Friendly Website is Like a Ferrari Without Gas!
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